For more than twenty years Amiko Group has proven itself as a professional and reliable partner in the field of bookkeeping, accountancy and other administrative services. 

We work for large companies, but also for small companies or one-man-businesses. 

By making monthly or quarterly  financial reports we ensure that you have a clear insight into your present financial situation. Of course we also make up the annual account. 

Amiko Group is a flexible partner. We work from our office in Hilversum, but also on location, if needed. 

We believe in an individual and personal approach. After all, every firm has its own background and its own specific demands. 


Amiko BV was founded on January 7, 1992 in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Originally it was called Firgos Professional Services BV. It mainly focused on bookkeeping for several companies belonging to the Firgos Group.

The following years saw a growth of clients from outside the Firgos Group. As a result the office specialized more and more in accountancy for other companies. 

In 2001 the office was renamed Amiko BV, its name being derived from the word ‘administratiekantoor’ (administrative office). It is pronounced like the Spanish word Amigo (Friend). 

In 2007 we started internet accountancy. 

 In 2012 Amiko BV celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

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